Garden-Inspired Entryway


I like trees and flowers and I LOVE visiting botanical gardens. I wanted to bring those things inside with me. My entryway doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight because it’s up a flight of stairs and away from windows, so it’s not the best place for the plants I have currently. And fake plants tend to look overwhelmingly fake to me. So here’s my take on a garden-themed entryway without real or fake plants.

Wood chalkboard with hooks: This is on the wall next to the stairs landing. It makes me think of a shed where you’d keep your gardening tools and hang up your gloves. My sister gave it to me when she was moving out, but I found similar ones here and here. It’s convenient to hang my grocery tote bags here because it’s on my way out! I also put my wifi password there for my guests.

Console table: This was a fun weekend project. More about how I put it together here. Inspiration behind this – I was thinking back to when I would walk around Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh and I’d see irrigation tubes running up and down the glass walls for watering the plants. I had seen copper pipes used for coffee and side tables on Pinterest, so I thought that a copper pipe and wood console table would work with my theme.

Lamp: Another thing my sister gave me when she was moving. It reminds me of a gourd, you know, something that grows in a garden. I found out that’s actually what Target calls them – this is a similar one. I got a black and gold replacement shade for it also from Target for under $10.

Framed botanical illustrations: I put these together myself with plant flash cards and old unused frames I found in my parents’ house. I didn’t even bother using special backing paper, I just double-sided taped them to the cardboard that came with the frames.

Other things:

  • Cactus candles – I don’t think I’ll ever use these because they’re so cute and almost real.
  • I discovered chalk markers for the first time ever. They’re like the best things ever. All those elaborate, smudge-less chalkboard cafe menus make sense now.
  • My boyfriend set up Philips Hue bulbs for me, so when I say, ‘Okay Google, turn on my console table light,’ it turns it on 😀 :O. It’s certifiable black magic.

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