Things that are pretty great

So this was the first summer I spent as an adult AKA not having a summer break. Besides the long weekends for July 4th and Labor Day, I didn’t get to have much of vacation. But that’s mostly because I’ve been working for less than a year and I’m saving the paid time off I’ve accrued for a nice long holiday break in Dec-Jan.

I have to say, it’s kind of disorienting. I’m so used to being a student and having things segmented into quarters or semesters. I associate summers with reading books, traveling places, going to the shore, and working for 10-12 weeks at a new internship. So without any of those things, I feel like my brain hasn’t been able to register the passing of time. Continue reading “Things that are pretty great”


Update: New Pictures!

Friends are few and far between. I have a friend named Hannah. She has a flair for photography and a good eye for beautiful things. I’ve updated two posts with pictures she took of my projects, so check check check them out!

Garden-Inspired Entryway

Copper Pipe & Wood Console Table

Pretty nice, right? Check out more of her photos on instagram!

Switching gears

Where has the time gone? Can’t believe we’re 2/3 though June!

I have some side projects still in the works that have to do more with decorating and less with furniture making so get ready! It’s going to be a summer of decorating 🙂

Until those get finished, here’s a fun idea that you can use to brighten up that dark corner in your bedroom…


A flower vase…fairy lights…lamp…thing? Continue reading “Switching gears”