Acrylic on Canvas Wall Decor – Southwest Edition


My sister recently got a promotion! She now handles patient affairs in the Southwest region of the US for her company. She got a lot of new perks in the process, one being moving to a new office space. We’ve been brainstorming a few ways to spruce up her workspace with southwest-inspired decor… Continue reading “Acrylic on Canvas Wall Decor – Southwest Edition”


Switching gears

Where has the time gone? Can’t believe we’re 2/3 though June!

I have some side projects still in the works that have to do more with decorating and less with furniture making so get ready! It’s going to be a summer of decorating 🙂

Until those get finished, here’s a fun idea that you can use to brighten up that dark corner in your bedroom…


A flower vase…fairy lights…lamp…thing? Continue reading “Switching gears”

Garden-Inspired Entryway

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Photo by Hannah Ng

I like trees and flowers and I LOVE visiting botanical gardens. I wanted to bring those things inside with me. My entryway doesn’t get a whole lot of sunlight because it’s up a flight of stairs and away from windows, so it’s not the best place for the plants I have currently. And fake plants tend to look overwhelmingly fake to me. So here’s my take on a garden-themed entryway without real or fake plants. Continue reading “Garden-Inspired Entryway”

Copper Pipe & Wood Console Table


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Photo by Hannah Ng

Up until I made this console table for my entryway, I had been dumping my mail, keys, and purse on my not so large dining table. Console tables can be pricey – anywhere between $300 to $1500 when I was looking at places like west elm or Crate&Barrel. So I decided to design my own. This table was really fun to make, and all the materials cost me less than $63! All you need is a trip to Home Depot and some basic geometry. Continue reading “Copper Pipe & Wood Console Table”

Pug-Accented Mid-Century Modern Living Room


IMG_20170327_124816I’m a recent grad who has just started my first “real” job. It’s exciting! But it also means I’m on a tight budget until I finish paying off loans. I’ve been gradually moving things out of my parents’ house and unpacking and decorating my new home, and I’ve just finished putting together my living room!

Inspiration: Hardwood floors were a must for me when I was apartment hunting (carpets are a pain to clean and I have bad dust allergies). I love the parquet flooring (square wood tiles) in this place and I wanted to stay true to that. I also wanted my living room to be fresh and relaxing so that I can unwind and uncharge when I get back from working a 9-5 job. With these two things in mind, I went forward with a mid-century modern style with navy blue and turquoise as my main colors. Continue reading “Pug-Accented Mid-Century Modern Living Room”