Things that are pretty great (Part II)

Happy December! Today was the first time it snowed this season. I just realized it’s not even winter yet! Here is another round of some things I think are great, especially now that I’ve been, and will be, spending more time staying toasty indoors.

  1. Hot Toddy. I have this big bottle of yummy Myers’s Rum, dark of course. I used 2 tablespoons making tiramisu and I didn’t know what to do with the rest of it. Luckily(?) I got a terrible cold after Thanksgiving that commenced with an awful sore throat. I googled remedies and one thing that came up was a “hot toddy.” There’s a bunch of variations out there – different kinds of liquor and some have various combinations of spices, but basically if you take a mug of hot water, a few tablespoons of rum or whiskey (I use 2-3 tbsp), a spoonful of honey, and juice from a lemon wedge, the result is a cup of steaming, delicious, soothing sore throat relief. It is also highly effective in taking your mind off how much being sick sucks.
  2. Taylor Swift’s new album, “reputation”. It’s so amazing what Taylor Swift is capable of…she really can reinvent herself, and write some killer songs! I think “Delicate” is my favorite. Been listening to it on repeat since it was released on Spotify.
  3. The Google Pixel 2. I’ve been on Project Fi for almost a year now. My first phone with this provider, a Nexus 5x, fell victim to the infamous bootloop. So I got a full refund! And took advantage of the cyber Monday deal for the Pixel 2 ($100 off + free Google home mini!). The camera on this thing is INSANE(ly good). I’m not a selfie person but I’m finding myself taking selfies with the portrait mode and it is hands down the best phone with the best camera I’ve ever had.

    Taken on Pixel 2’s portrait mode
  4. Jane the Virgin. I think this is tied for my favorite TV lately with Riverdale. It’s just so good. It makes me cry and laugh and ruminate on my life and my relationships. I’ve been rewatching the first season since I was snowed in this weekend. Team Michael forever and ever D:

Ideas for Low-budget (Christmas) Party Decorations

Holiday season is upon us! Okay okay it’s only November, but I’ve been listening to Christmas songs since last month 😀 Here are some tips for party decorating on a budget! These are things I did for a Christmas party last year, but really they can be applied to any party you have coming up:

Photo by Hannah Ng

1. Use paper and manpower. No need to splurge on decorations at the store when you have paper, markers, and friends. Recruit a decorations team, lure them over with snacks if you have to! Continue reading “Ideas for Low-budget (Christmas) Party Decorations”

Getting Organized for the Fall

Living on my own has made me SUPER lazy, so I dedicated this weekend to a bit of fall cleaning – dusting, swiffering, dish washing, and putting away the laundry I did last weekend (finally!). I also packed away warm weather clothes and hung up comfy sweaters for the coming cold days.

Since I’ve been in an organizing mood, here are three easy things you can do to stay organized:

1. Use hooks to organize your pants. I love a neat and tidy closet. Continue reading “Getting Organized for the Fall”

Things that are pretty great

So this was the first summer I spent as an adult AKA not having a summer break. Besides the long weekends for July 4th and Labor Day, I didn’t get to have much of vacation. But that’s mostly because I’ve been working for less than a year and I’m saving the paid time off I’ve accrued for a nice long holiday break in Dec-Jan.

I have to say, it’s kind of disorienting. I’m so used to being a student and having things segmented into quarters or semesters. I associate summers with reading books, traveling places, going to the shore, and working for 10-12 weeks at a new internship. So without any of those things, I feel like my brain hasn’t been able to register the passing of time. Continue reading “Things that are pretty great”

Switching gears

Where has the time gone? Can’t believe we’re 2/3 though June!

I have some side projects still in the works that have to do more with decorating and less with furniture making so get ready! It’s going to be a summer of decorating 🙂

Until those get finished, here’s a fun idea that you can use to brighten up that dark corner in your bedroom…


A flower vase…fairy lights…lamp…thing? Continue reading “Switching gears”