Ideas for Low-budget (Christmas) Party Decorations

Holiday season is upon us! Okay okay it’s only November, but I’ve been listening to Christmas songs since last month 😀 Here are some tips for party decorating on a budget! These are things I did for a Christmas party last year, but really they can be applied to any party you have coming up:

Photo by Hannah Ng

1. Use paper and manpower. No need to splurge on decorations at the store when you have paper, markers, and friends. Recruit a decorations team, lure them over with snacks if you have to! We spent a few hours one afternoon cutting and coloring trees out of paper and were able to make a mini forest as table centerpieces. These are really simple, and a stack of plain cardstock doesn’t cost more than a few bucks! And of course, don’t forget a holiday classic, paper snowflakes!

Photo by Hannah Ng

2. Raid the recycling bin. There’s a lot you can do with cardboard and glass bottles. I used a bunch of left over spaghetti sauce jars and coated them with glue to make them appear frosted when lit up with fairy lights.

Photo by Hannah Ng

3. Explore an unconventional color scheme, so for Christmas that would mean different kinds of red and green. You can elevate cheap decorations with an inventive color scheme that can make even the nicest store bought decorations look tacky. I went with mint and cranberry with bronze accents.


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