Getting Organized for the Fall

Living on my own has made me SUPER lazy, so I dedicated this weekend to a bit of fall cleaning – dusting, swiffering, dish washing, and putting away the laundry I did last weekend (finally!). I also packed away warm weather clothes and hung up comfy sweaters for the coming cold days.

Since I’ve been in an organizing mood, here are three easy things you can do to stay organized:

1. Use hooks to organize your pants. I love a neat and tidy closet. If you find yourself without pants hangers, you typically have two options – fold them and put them in a drawer or on a shelf, or fold them in half and hang them on a shirt hanger. I never been a fan of either option, so I took an idea from how some stores display their pants. I feel like it streamlines the appearance of your closet.


2. Use decorative boxes or trays to wrangle in shelf clutter. I appreciate good packaging and I tend to hold onto Anthropologie bags and Teavana or Kate Spade boxes because they’re just sooo pretty. Using boxes or trays on shelves is an easy way to compartmentalize and organize, plus it also keep small things like earrings and rings from running away.

3. Use small glass cups, jars, or votives to organize stuff in your medicine cabinet.  I use them for cotton pads and q tips. It looks nicer than just keeping them in the plastic packaging they come in. Shot glasses are perfect for holding long, skinny things, like tweezers, mascara, lip gloss, etc (keeps them from rolling away into the sink!). If you’re always losing hair ties, bottles with skinny necks are an ideal designated holding place for hair ties.

Those are the first things that came to mind, what are some things that help you stay organized?


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