Acrylic on Canvas Wall Decor – Southwest Edition


My sister recently got a promotion! She now handles patient affairs in the Southwest region of the US for her company. She got a lot of new perks in the process, one being moving to a new office space. We’ve been brainstorming a few ways to spruce up her workspace with southwest-inspired decor…check out my Pinterest on the right for more! I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from my two winter breaks spent in Arizona and made some wall decor for her new space.


Things you need:


This was a pretty straightforward process, but in case you’ve never used carbon transfer paper and acrylic paint on canvas, I’ll flush it out for you.

I printed out text and pictures on standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper. I taped the printout centered on an 8″ x 10″ canvas. Then I placed the carbon paper between the canvas and the printout, taping it to the printer paper so that it wouldn’t slide around. Make sure you place the carbon paper dark side/carbon side down, or else you’ll be tracing the words to the back of the printer paper! (I totally did that the first time)


After I finished tracing, I removed the carbon paper and the printout. With a very thin/small brush and as steady hands as possible, I painted over what I traced. I don’t have the steadiest hands and I’m not skilled at painting at all, so there was a perceptible variation in the thickness of my lettering D:


Once the paint dried, which didn’t take long, I Krylon-sprayed the canvases on my deck, let them dry for 15 minutes, and did a second coat. And that’s about it! Hope my sister likes them 🙂


  • This was a pretty cheap project – two tubes of acrylic paint, carbon transfer paper, two 8″x10″ canvases, and Krylon protective spray all cost me less than $15 at Michael’s. Take advantage of their ever-present 40% off coupons!
  • If you mess up, you have a small window of time (like 3-4 seconds), to run, get a damp paper towel, and blot out the paint before it dries on the canvas. Remember, acrylic paint dries quickly and will permanently stain your clothes once dry, so be careful!
  • Krylon is highly flammable, so follow all the directions on the canister and you will be okay.

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